Keep Polk County Beautiful

Dr. Bergers’ class has been busy with their recycling club here at Crystal Lake Middle School. They joined up with “Keep Polk County Beautiful” by lending a hand on April 30, 2018. The students wore their T-shirts given to them by “Keep Polk County Beautiful” and went out onto the streets surrounding school to clean-up their school as part of the program “The Great American Cleanup” a nationwide cleanup initiative that has taken place across the country for the last 32 years, during the months of March-May. The students enjoyed the day and saw what garbage can do to their school. They found many items that they could recycle and many that were not biodegradable. As a class they decided unequivocally that what they did was both entertaining and rewarding, they asked to become involved again next school year. They now use the phrase “Clean It Up to Green It Up!” What a great group of students!