Hydroponics in the Classroom

Dr. Bergers’ class has been busy with their hydroponic garden of vegetables and fruits.  The funding of “” was attained through the Polk Education Foundation (PEF) 2017-2018 Adapters Grant. The students have learned so much about growing plants without the use of soil. Before we started our project the students could not pronounce hy·dro·pon·ics  (/hīdrəˈpäniks/). Now that’s all they talk about. Every morning they rush in to see how their plants are growing.

The system was designed by a local gentleman Mr. James Poore. Mr Poore has been working with Hydroponics for over 20 years. He now comes by the classroom every Thursday as a volunteer to answer questions the students have and to make sure there is enough water running through the system, the correct amount of nutrients and the height of the lights that enhance the plant growth are in the right place. After this crop of lettuce that you see we will be planting carrots. They all are having a blast and a few are taking what they learned to the next level and planting hydroponically at home.