Robots and robotic technologies have an intellectual and emotional appeal that surpasses any other type of engineered product. This appeal has attracted the inquisitive minds of children and young adults.

These technologies represent a practical application of physics, computer science, engineering, and mathematics, and provide a very effective and flexible approach to demonstrate a range of engineering concepts. As a result, robotic technology and robots are being used by a growing number of educators at the college level to reinforce computer science and engineering theory, and to teach basic software and mechanical engineering at the grammar school, middle school and high school levels. For the younger learners, robots and robotic technologies offer them interest in the fields of science, mathematics and computer fundamentals, as well as teach them basic life skills such as: responsibility, problem solving, decision making, goal setting, self-esteem, logical thinking, sequencing, troubleshooting, modification skills, engineering basics and computer programming.

Crystal Lake Middle School uses the Project Lead the Way curriculum.


PLTW Students Visit Technology Center

A group of 40 students from our schools Project Lead the Way Engineering Program in Lakeland visited the Polk State Clear Springs Advanced Technology Center on Feb. 2, 2016 to learn about career opportunities in supply chain and engineering technology.  They also ventured to the Publix Dairy Processing Center to look at state-of-the-art automation and technology. The trip was part of techPATH, a Florida High Tech Corridor educational initiative that focuses on cultivating tomorrow’s workforce in the high-tech I-4 corridor.