Physical Education

Student, Zack Hackney tries out the newly installed golf simulator in the gym at Crystal Lake Middle School. Our PE coaches are using this simulator as a means to teach golf during class as well as a way to integrate technology into their classroom. The simulator allows students to practice their swings as well as allowing the students to understand the differences between the different clubs in their golf bag. Students can choose to either “hit the driving range”, or choose to play a round of golf on one of the 20+ courses installed on the simulator.

Crystal Lake Middle School’s Physical Education Department is not your average PE Dept.  At Crystal Lake Middle School, we pride ourselves in having a well-rounded, diverse program, combining both traditional Physical Education concepts with new-age technology in our program.

Inside our state-of-the-arts gym, you can see technology being integrated into our program on a regular basis. While in the gym, students can find a myriad of technology to use to enhance their physical well-being.

Our fitness center, which features treadmills, elliptical machines, and exercise bikes, as well as a flat screen, was the starting point for technology integration in our gym.
Since the creation of our fitness center, we have gone on to add several more exercise areas that infuse technology into the gym. We currently have 11 X-Box 360 Kinect game systems for students to participate in video game playing without the use of video game controllers. Of those 11 systems, 3 X-Box Kinect systems are dedicated to the Just Dance family of games. These games allow students to dance, move and exercise, all while listening to some of their favorite music.

Our newest addition to our gym is the Opti-Shot Golf Simulator. This simulator has allowed us to teach golf to our students, using motion sensor technology to track their swing, ball striking point, and distance the ball travelled – all in real time statistics. The ability to engage our students with golf, where they can play on real gold courses from around the world has been a great addition to our gym.

If you have not yet seen our gym, at Crystal Lake Middle school, we invite you to come down and check it out for yourself.