Our Philosophy


Our Mission

Teaching and Reaching Every Student to B the Best!

Our Vision

Crystal Lake Middle School seeks to provide an educational program meeting the needs of each unique individual by creating an environment that provides the opportunity for intellectual, aesthetic, physical, social, moral and emotional development. This will be accomplished through a program of interdisciplinary and cooperative learning supported by up-to-date technology and an integrated curriculum focus. We will work together with students, parents, and the community to maintain a safe and positive learning environment. The staff will continue to provide individual students with the support and guidance necessary for success.

Our Belief

We believe in our students and will work to ensure they receive the skills necessary to become responsible citizens.

Guiding Principles


  • the act of persevering
  • continued, patient effort
  • persistence, being steadfast


  • careful and serious consideration
  • plan, expectation, intention


  • the ability to change so as to make fit
  • the ability to change oneself to fit new conditions


  • the quality of being honest, truthful and trustworthy
  • refusing to lie, cheat or steal


  • a feeling of being sorry for another’s suffering along with a desire to help


  • the ability to get started or done without needing to be told what to do
  • the first step in bringing something about


  • the quality of being reliable
  • deserving of trust


  • the condition of being faithful to one’s family, duty, beliefs, etc.
  • a steady devotion


  • a bright and hopeful feeling about life, in which one expects things to turn out all right
  • a belief that there is more good than evil


  • to feel or show honor for; to think highly of
  • to be thoughtful about; to have regard for


  • the quality of being able to control one’s fear and so to face danger, pain or trouble willingly
  • bravery


  • the condition of being responsible; something that one
    is supposed to look after or take care of