Media Center

Media Specialist: Suzanne Lewicki

  • Media Center Hours: 8:55 am to 3:35 pm (with a pass)
  • Accelerated Reader Tests may be taken between 8:30 and 8:55 with a pass OR during your reading class.

Search Engines for Students – Questions and Answers
Kids Click – Web search for kids by librarians
Yahoolagins! – The web guide for kids!
Net Trekker – Online resources, aligned with state standards
Internet Public Library & Librarians’ Internet Index – Merges the collections of resources from the IPL and LII websites

Library Policies

  • Enter and exit through the front door only.
  • Sit two per table (rectangle only) facing front.
  • Gum, food items and drinks are not permitted.
  • Chairs are to remain on the floor.
  • No horseplay or loud talking.

Check Out

  • ID badge will be required for check-out.
  • Two books per person.
  • Students with overdue books or fines may not check out books.

Overdue, Lost or Damaged Books

  • Overdue fines will be charged at a rate of $.05 per book per day.
  • Students may not check out books if they have overdue, lost or damaged books.
  • Payment for a book can be done in one sum or in payments.
  • Students with overdue, lost or damaged books may not participate in extra school activities.
  • If the book is found and returned in good condition, money will be refunded.

Reference Books

Reference books cannot be checked out. Copies from books or computers will be $.10 for black-and-white and $.25 for color. Copies will be made at the front desk.


Please do not re-shelve books. Books returned to the shelves by media center users are sometimes misplaced. Place books you don’t want on a table.