Marine Science


Hello my name is Dr. Kuehl, I’m the Marine Science teacher here at Crystal Lake Middle School. Why Marine Science? Well, the oceans are part of a thin outer shell of the earth, and Marine Science, is the study of this envelope. From the deep sea, to the shallow coastal oceans, their biology, chemistry, geology, and physics, together, makes Marine Science a richly interdisciplinary science.

As a student in CLMS’S Marine Science classes, you will be expected to learn chemistry, mathematics, earth\space science, oceanography, topography, maritime history, and even how to set up and run a healthy salt water fish aquarium. The Importance of the oceans, as it relates to the Earth’s climate, food supplies and biological stability are being studied, recognized and appreciated every day.

The field of marine science is relatively small, only a few thousand people among six billion. Just a few jobs marine scientists enjoy, member of the United States Coast Guard,  commercial fishermen, commercial / recreational divers,  polar ice researchers, marine biologist, and of course, marine mammal trainers to name a few.

If you are interested in working in a dynamic environment using multidisciplinary techniques with colleagues who share a passion for the sea and all it has to offer, join us… I welcome and look forward to seeing you in class.

Marine Science Students Prepping Tanks


Dr. Kuehls’ Marine Science classes filled tanks with some of the 1,650 lbs. of newly donated reef sand and rocks. Thanks, CaribSea, for your awesome donation to our program!