Instructional Television


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  • What is ITV?

    Instructional Television

  • What do we do?

    We explore the many facets of video production.  From developing ideas and turning them into stories to filming, editing, and showcasing the final product over the airwaves.  This class is primarily focused on writing, producing, and distributing the daily news show at CLMS. We also compete in a countywide video competition every spring.  Students will receive the opportunity to work with professional level equipment and software.  This is truly a one-of-a-kind course taught by Mr. James Pennewell.

  • What kind of projects do we work on?

    We produce school news shows, commercials, Public Service Announcements, short films and skits, instructional films, parodies, and music videos.

  • What kind of equipment do we use?

    We use digital video cameras to capture our footage, Final Cut Pro editing software to piece our footage together to make a story, Apple and PC computers, and Garage Band software for creating music.

  • Who are we looking for?

    If you have a desire to produce visual media, enjoy being creative and letting your imagination go wild, can work hard and exhibit dedication, then try out Instructional Television.  We would love to have you in our program.

  • Questions?

    Click below to contact our ITV instructor

    Mr. James Pennewell